"In 2015, approximately 586 million people were diagnosed with depression (322 million) or anxiety (264 million), and the number of people with mental health disorders is on the rise." In the same year, "Depression directly accounted for loss of 14% of profits per corporation. - American Heart Organization and World Health Organization (2016-17)


MyMindScan is an innovative digital evaluation tool designed for the corporate world. We built it to enable the efficient measurement and dynamic assessments of the Mental Health Index of individuals and organizations. The Mental Health Index is the cumulative result of our psychological and physiological evaluations, calculated through our system of proprietary algorithms into a comprehensive, objective and visually aesthetic dashboard. Aimed at aiding in Human Resources, the Mental Health Index is used to determine how internal and external environments affect an individual or team potential to achieve optimal results.

As a supplement to our Mental Health Index, results are further refined into comprehensive mental well-being analysis with specialized recommendations that can be used in conjunction with our digital coaching tool or through a certified MyMindScan Coach. Together with our coaching tools, the Mental Health Index provides clear and accurate information of employees or members in order to best end most efficiently allocate resources and time and achieve best results.

More information: MyMindScan.com