Our services do not qualify for subsidies via the KMO-portefeuille. Our services do, however, qualify for subsidies via the workability cheque

oTHOR is registered for the subsidy of the KMO Portefeuille. If your organisation meets the conditions, the Flemish Government pays 20 to 30% of the amount of the advice. The VAT amount does not qualify, which is paid directly to oTHOR. Registration number of oTHOR bvba: DV. A220412 (Advice pillar)
More information: click here(http://www.vlaio.be/themas/kmo-portefeuille) or contact oTHOR via lut@mymindworks.be.

With the workability voucher of the Department of Work and Social Economy, sole traders, SMEs and large companies (with at least one employee) from the profit sector as well as organisations from the social profit sector can receive up to € 10,000 in support for mapping workability bottlenecks within their organisation. The aim is to improve working conditions in a sustainable way. More information and roadmap: https://www.othor.be/werkbaar-werk/