Othor strives to maintain the most technologically advanced tools to meet the changing times. In order to guarantee the underlying principles and sciencitific validity of our tools, we retain an advisory board of experts. The members of Othor’s advisory board are top experts in their field and regularly assist us.

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. em. Raymond Cluydts – Belgian expert in the field of sleep and stress research, with over 25 years of experience.
Dr. Jean Pierre MeerssemanMedical director and Founder of MilanLab, the physicians experts for AC Milan and a worldwide reference in the field of human functioning.
Dr. Van Zoest – Orthopaedic surgeon, Director of Topsupport at the St-Anna hospital (Eindhoven) and medical manager PSV.
Marc Croonen – Psychologist and Senior Executive with international experience in various industries and functional areas (HR, Communications, Sustainability & Business Services).
Dr. Guy Hoes – Anesthesiologist JESSA Hospital
Dr. Joris Vangeneugden – Doctor in psychology, psychiatrist i.o. and biostatistician.
Dr. Bart Dingenen – Rehabilitation Specialist and the pioneer of integration of the central nervous system within the rehabilitation sciences