“According to a 2017 national survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), the workplace was reported as the third-leading cause of stress (61 percent), after money (62 percent) and the future of the nation (63 percent). With roughly one in five American adults reporting a mental disorder each year, the workplace is an important setting to address mental health.” – American Psychological Association. (2017).

Our drive to enable organisations to optimize the mental wellness of members has resulted in the development of three revolutionary online tools, all of which utilize statistical analyses into data-centric results.

Corporations – Education

For standard organisations we offer two different tools by which we measure and offer training recommendations.

MyMindScan is designed for analyzing mental wellness and connects with Human Resources. Growth Mindset Manager is designed to analyze openness and aptitude for learning skills and connects with Learning and Development.

Sports Organisations

For human performance and athletic based organisations, we offer MyMindWorks, designed to analyze physical and neurological variables to deliver peak results.