“Total 2019 U.S. training expenditures came to to $83 billion, wherein, companies spent $1,286 per learner this year on average. Measuring the impact of training programs accounted for 19% of total costs.” – Industry Training Report (2019)

Growth Mindset Manager

Growth Mindset Manager is an exclusive digital evaluation tool designed for the corporate world. We built it to enable the highly efficient assessment and dynamic measurement of the Growth Mindset Index of individuals and organizations. The Growth Mindset Index is the cumulative result of our proprietary evaluations and is unique as one of the only objective methods to measure an individual’s readiness to learn. Aimed at aiding in corporate Learning and Development, the Growth Mindset Manager also contains the Learning Capacity Index, to help assess which learning content is best for employees.

Developed for top-performers, our AI proprietary algorithms are able to calculate the growth and learning readiness of an individual and team. Since these variables are dynamic in nature, the Growth Mindset Manager takes a regular measurement of the Growth Mindset Index and the Learning Capacity Index to examine the willingness of an individual or group to learn in a scientific, objective and dynamic way.

More information: growthmindsetindex.com