Using easy-to-use online tools, we can measure and assess the development of employees, teams and organisations over time using our system of proprietary algorithms applied to the results of scientifically validated online exercises and questionnaires. Employees get a private, objective assessment of mental health and well-being in the context of their work, including important variables such as level of motivation, mental resilience and feeling towards their work environment. At the organisation level, employers get an aggregated picture of the well-being at the group and team level that help drive decisions and make necessary adjustments.

Guidance & advice

We also offer guidance and training recommendations tailored to each client’s individual needs. We do this through personalized informational and training sessions customized for both managers and teams. We have extensive experience facilitating sessions and adjusting training content to suit a variety of situations and challenges.


An important component of what we do is monitoring and tracking change over time. Thesechanges are immediately available to the individual user in a private online dashboard. Selected results are then anonymized for visualization in a group dashboard for authorized managers and team leaders. Everything we do abides to the strictest GDPR published standard as protecting the privacy of our users is of the utmost importance for us

Training and Coaching

In cooperation with certified coaches we offer online training and coaching sessions. This includes a variety of options, including designing personalized mental health plans around specific objectives; creating specific motivational material; and customizing content and tools to improve resilience and other mental skills. Organisations can opt for group, team or individual coaching or utilize the very effective tools we already make available to our customers.

Tailor-Made Communication and Advice

We want to encourage employees as much as possible to strengthen their mental fitness in the workplace. Through various channels we will motivate and inform employees about their own resilience and how to deal with work pressure. We develop this tailored to your company, in line with your corporate strategy.